Meet some of the
Youth Ambassadors
who helped create
All are former foster
youth who know 
what it’s like to start
managing your life as
you near adulthood.

/Youth Ambassadors


Melanie S Age 21

Full-time college student, student clerical and T.A. in foster care education department at SJDC, and HealthShack blogger.

“HealthShack will come in handy when I need all my academic records to transfer to the University of the Pacific next year. Working with HealthShack also inspired my blogging career. I write about resources for foster youth in the Stockton area and beyond. Check it out.”  —Melanie


Antoinetta B Age 20

College student, short-distance runner, and shotput thrower.

“When my wallet was stolen, HealthShack made it so much easier to get replacement identification. I can also log my track and field accomplishments to possibly help me get college athletic scholarships. I love helping shape the future of HealthShack.”  —Antoinetta


Josh B and Raquel L Age 19 & 20

New parents and members of the original HealthShack development team.

“We helped bring HealthShack into the world — and now a baby boy too. HealthShack will make it simple to keep track of not only our own health, but our son’s too. There are also tons of helpful resources listed on the site, everything from money management to housing.”  —Josh


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